Michael Sinnott

Web Developer

About Me

My name is Michael Sinnott and I am a Software Developer.  I have been involved with computers and building things using code since a young age.  It is my passion and I love it.  I like to think of myself as a modern day builder or architect, without having to get my hands dirty!

Personally, I am a lover of sport, TV/Film, and Music.  That is outside of my hobby of building websites and churning out 1000s of lines of code. 

I am enthusiastic about the internet and what you can do by building a website.  Building a brand is not easy but a good start into the process is having a quality website that is easy to keep up to date and change whenever you need. 

My aim for this website is to demonstrate my skills to a wider audience, being able to offer help and advice to local or national businesses who would like to utilize what I have to offer.  Also, I'd like to have a place that I can put my musings and rambles - hopefully, this interests others too!